I’m an aesthetic junkie, stylist, and aspirant creator of beautiful things in general. 

♥ :
Fashion!, Music, Architectural/Interior design, travelling the globe, fine art, sewing, collecting Mark Ryden print books, looking more than presentable, Nordic and Japanese aesthetics, laughing, Lush photography, crystal chandeliers, Phillipe Stark’s oeuvre, forests, rainbow gradients, small fuzzy creatures, nebulas, rain, museums, music, NYC, exotic food, ‘Green’ design principles, down-to-earth people, delicious confectioneries, high tea, lamas, orchids, French movies, mint hot chocolate in winter, pina coladas in summer, burying my feet in warm beach sand, bespoke shoes, shoes in general, bags in general too, making things look pretty, perfume, the “colour” black, people with impeccable style, the kitschy sentimental wonder of snowglobes, contemplating my navel, books of substance, family and  my insanely unique friends. 

Q’s to live by:

"Nothing lasts forever, so live it up, drink it down, laugh it off, avoid the nonsense, take chances, and never have regrets - because at one point, everything you did, was exactly what you wanted".

"Embrace who you are, no matter what - Because those who mind don’t matter, and those who really matter don’t mind."

"When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you."

“Life is like photography. You need the negatives to develop.”

"Be yourself. Everyone else is taken."